Should Kids Learn Technology?


In the past decade, significant technological advancements have taken place, impacting the lives of people all across the globe. All industries, from healthcare to aviation, are constantly being transformed to keep up with the latest technology. The evolution of technology has severely reformed the entire planet into a day and age where anything we could wish for is at our fingertips. Want to view a foreign country without traveling? Google street view can place you in the town you would wish to see. Missed last week’s football game? YouTube displays highlights of every game at the push of a button.

The latest developments in technology, from artificial intelligence to blockchain and machine learning, are constantly causing seismic shifts in the ways that businesses and societies operate and with time, the need to learn about them is constantly increasing. Kids developing tech skills now are moving ahead of the competition and learning skills which will directly impact the industries and careers of the future.

From learning how to code apps and websites at an age of as young as five, to knowing how to program robots, these skills not only enhance their knowledge but also develop extensive transferable skills. Developing any tech project, such as a website, largely teaches the kids to improve their problem-solving skills as it instills children with the mindset to break down complex problems into more manageable components.

Participating in competitions, such as the World Robot Olympiad, can allow kids to socialize and interact with other children belonging to their age group. This helps develop teamwork as well as communication skills, both of which are highly essential in the workplace and help increase efficiency.

Children who don’t develop technological expertise will be left behind in the digital revolution. They will also miss out on the several other advantages of learning technology skills, such as building problem-solving and logic skills. Research has proven that learning new skills also equips children with a developmental mindset, which also improves learning agility.

This has become highly essential in education and beyond when the workforce needs to adapt new skills as technology continues to evolve. Continuous learning is a necessity to keep up with the changing world of work.

The problem with not learning technology skills is that children become passive consumers of technology from a very young age. Whilst watching playing games on a smartphone or watching videos online is fun, it is crucial that children create that content too. From a very young age, they can work towards becoming a central role in the future of technology such as by building a platform which will be used by millions of users. By learning how to code, children go from being passive users of apps and games to contributing to their creation.

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