WRO 2021 - In the words of our Internationally Recognized Master Robotics Trainer

The WRO 2021 season has begun and it is quite an exciting season.  The World Robot Olympiad (WRO) is one of the most recognized global robotics competitions for students. The World Robot Olympiad competition uses Lego Mindstorms manufactured by LEGO Education.

WRO has slowly changed from linear logic challenge to multi tasking challenge which has level-up the robotic building mechanism and programming logic. Now teams are exploring more and more on innovating mechanism and streaming lining logic into modular format and at same time complex enough.

I still remember my amazing journey and experience during WRO seasons. Every season is something new to learn ,to innovate and challenge logic twists.

WRO 2013-14 held in Russia was my first season as a Coach. Till this season it was all about multi tasking mechanism with logical twist as the season rule which allows only 3 motors in the robot and my students developed various multi tasking mechanism such as robots that had clutch mechanism and it worked in a such way that when it moving forward the third motor does one  function and when it moves backward it did a different function. It was amazing when a 16-year old kids were able to knock this out and in international competition it blew my mind where things we thought would be complicated were actually smoothly being executed in front of us. That is the time when you truly believe that nothing is impossible and nothing is a bad idea.

Then the next year 2014-2015 Qatar was the most challenging and logical season  ever made by WRO which set the benchmark . The junior high treasure hunt challenge was so logical and competitive that my students were working through the competition in a way that was beyond their age and experience. Their logical and computational thinking process was way ahead of senior high category students of that season. The most noticeable category in innovation was WRO football with new rules related to the ball capture part. The teams were using bluetooth and omni directional wheels to play the match which has led to today's football season to be more exciting than ever.

2020-2021 season has a new format of challenge and it is all about multi-tasking and game field twist which in turns make programming more exciting. 

WRO seasons is not just about robots and programming  it is more than that. It has in-depth ideology, where teams understand true importance of critical thinking and divergent thinking, teamwork and communication that lays foundation of future problem solvers for the the world.  

WRO Season Theme 2021:

Season theme: PowerBots

This year the WRO theme is PowerBots - The Future of Energy.

In 2021, the teams will be looking at the challenges that come with using more energy from renewable sources. Teams in the Regular Category will build and program robots that modernize the energy use of a house, assist with charging cars in a parking garage and help manage the energy mix on the grid.

Teams in Open Category will develop robots that will allow the students to use renewable sources of energy in the most efficient way.

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