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1. Shamsad Ansari: Shamshad(Sam) Ansari cofounded Accure. He has been leading the company as the President and CEO. He has raised Accure from startup to a self-sustainable company by building a winning team and acquiring customers from across the globe. He has technical expertise in the area of AI, big data, cognitive science, and machine learning. He also spearheaded the development of Accure’s big data platform, Momentum, and analytics apps.

2. Mr Sreekanth (Faculty, Design Thinking): Mr Sreekanth is one of the best design thinkers in the country! He is a master strategist who is helps in our day to day decision making process. His revolutionary ideas has set Brainy n Bright apart in such a short span of time and he continues to inspire us and lead us towards the success, growth and a strong standing in the society. He holds varied experience in different industries across the globe especially the UAE and India.