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1. Foreword

Brainet Innovation is committed to providing a high quality
experience through its academic teaching, and broad range of professional
services and facilities. The Institute encourages an environment in which
constructive complaints are valued and contribute to the positive experience
of all who use its services. We have established an open, fair and
accessible Complaints Policy and Procedures designed to encourage prompt
resolution at the earliest possible stage. It is the Institute’s aim to investigate
issues thoroughly as close to the initial point of contact as possible and to
settle complaints promptly and courteously in the best interests of all parties,
addressing areas where improvement is identified as a result of a complaint.
Furthermore, the Institute undertakes to ensure that the interests and wellbeing of all associated with a complaint are properly safeguarded.

2. Definition of a Complaint

For the purposes of this Policy and Procedures, Brainet Innovation defines a
Complaint as an expression of dissatisfaction by one or more individuals
about the standard of a service, action or lack of action by or on behalf of an
A complaint may relate to:

1. The quality and standard of service
2. Failure to provide the adequate training and services
3. Treatment by or inappropriate behaviour, or attitude of, a staff member towards the students
4. Dissatisfaction with the Institution’s policies or procedures.

Time Limit for raising the complaint:
Complaints should be raised as soon as problems arise to enable prompt investigation and swift resolution. The Institution has set a time limit of 2 weeks for a complainant to raise a complaint, starting from the point at which the complainant first became aware of the problem, unless there are special circumstances for requesting consideration of a complaint beyond this time.


Complaint handling should be fair to all parties, and must allow everyone’s views to be heard and taken into consideration in the balanced way.


Adequate resources will be made available to handle complaints efficiently and effectively. Complaints received will be dealt quickly and courteously.

The complaint system will be accessible to both the parties- the complainant and the accused. They can lodge their written complaint with the Centre Manager or directly email at contact@brainetinnovation.com
We will also provide support about how to make a complaint and it shall be readily available and will be easy to comprehend. It will be available in different languages.

We will record the complaints received and the outcomes achieved. Recurring and systemic problems which become known through our complaint handling system will be identified and rectified.
We will review the operation of our complaint handling system regularly to make sure the effective outcomes are achieved for our customers.