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Dear Parents/Mentors/Students,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to our BnB family. We will stay hand in glove to promote your child’s growth in the learning phase of his/her life. Our commitment, your support! 

With the rapid advancement in technology, I see the mode of training changing from the pure classroom-based training to the mix of online and classroom based. Times change, approach changes, but the constant is the trainer disciple relationship. We have worked with industry experts to bring best learning technology available in the market to enrich the learning experience.

It is imperative of a teacher to lead the students with example. Hone their strengths and bridge their weaknesses. Shows them the way and teach them how to fly. They will find the direction they want. As a parent, I have learnt a lot through my kids. Got to know through the kids around. Through the schools around. The only reason why I see the students lag in the race is because their confidence levels take a hit. Confidence comes through interest. Interest comes through understanding. Understanding comes through patience. And a child can only be patient when he/she sees a vision in his/her mentor.

To ensure studies are more of an art and play, I have designed a course structure which will spark interest and hunger in the child, make him/her very inquisitive and methodical. Love for numbers combined with the right personality traits of a student par excellence, my team will give it all!

As a parent, mentor and above all as a student forever, I extend my hands to you to join us. Join us for the best platform for your child. Join Brainy n Bright.

Thanks & Regards, 

Director, Brainy n Bright