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What's this season about? Most of us take it for granted that we can "fill up on energy" anytime and anywhere. But how is our energy actually generated, stored, distributed and consumed? Will we always have enough energy available? What can the future of energy production and consumption look like? That is what the 2022/23 season is about.

About FIRST LEGO LEAGUE (FLL): FLL introduces science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) to children ages 6-16 years. Through fun, exciting hands-on learning,they gain experience solving real-world problems through guided robotics programs. This helps today's students and teachers build a better future together.

Mode of Training: In-classroom available at the following locations

Dubai: Office Number 206, Platinum Business Center, Al Nahda 2, Dubai (Landmark: Near NMC Speciality Hospital), Phone: 04 340 1055.

Abu Dhabi: Office Number 301, Abu Dhabi Plaza Tower, Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi (Landmark: Opposite to Al Mariah Mall), Phone: 02 639 8033.
FLL Challenge (For 9-16 years)
Under this category, students will:
  • Use and apply the FIRST Core Values and engineering design process to develop robot and Innovation Project solutions.
  • Identify and research a problem related to the season theme and then design and create an Innovation Project solution.
  • Identify a mission strategy and design, create, and code a robot to complete the mission
  • Test, iterate, and improve their Robot Design and Innovation Project.
  • Communicate their Robot Design and Innovation Project and demonstrate their robot in the Robot Game.

FLL Competition Preparation - Robot Design - Robot Game - Robot Programming - Innovation Project - Core Values

FLL Explore (For 6-10 years)
This category is explained below in three stages of learning:
Explore: The children will explore the entire energy journey. Where energy comes from to how energy is used and all the steps in between. They will discover different energy sources and energy consumers. They will identify energy problems in their own community.

Create and Test: The children will build a wind turbine, energy storage model, and carousel. They will explore coding and motorizing their team model. They will create their own energy journey and build different ways energy is captured, stored, distributed, and consumed. They will test and iterate on their energy journey and make choices to create the best solution.

Share: The children will record their ideas and designs in their Engineering Notebooks. They will share their builds and what they learned with others. Finally, they will participate in the festival, where they share their team posters and team models with reviewers, families, and friends.


FLL Competition Preparation - Robot model - Innovation Project - Presentation - Core values




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