Is Developing a Game as Exciting as Playing One?

This is a question that is often ignored while making Gaming a career learning option. To put it simply, yes, it indeed is! Game Development is all about bringing out your imagination and creativity in a fun interactive way. Video games are generally developed for entertainment and playing games is always fun but the process of Game Development is much more exciting and challenging. It combines the fun quotient with learning and developing creative skills.

Game Development involves multiple stages and consists of specialized programmers, artists and developers for designing the games, writing the game scripts, developing and testing the game codes. The process of game development can be divided into:

  1. Planning - It is an essential stage as it outlines the important details like type of video game, platform for developing game, target audience.

  1. Production - This is where the game is completed by integrating the game codes with audio effects, story, characters, game rules and reward system.

  1. Testing - Game is then tested thoroughly for any bugs, understanding the difficulty and satisfactory level of the game.

  1. Launch - Once the game has been developed and tested, it's launched.


Why learn Game Development?

Video game industry is predicted to generate $196 billion in revenue by 2022 along with an annual increase of 11.59 percent in the job opportunities.

Learning to create games has many benefits-

  1. Coding games will help in development of analytical and logical thinking skills.

  2. Understanding and applying the concepts of coding in a gamified manner.

  3. Improve creativity and imagination with story and character development.

  4. Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Game Development with Brainy n Bright!

Learning Game Development with Brainy n Bright is going to be a fun experience. Students get to learn and understand the process of game development through developing games. Sessions are carefully designed to ensure clear understanding and simultaneously get a hands-on experience.