Young Coder

Learn the art of coding to dive deep into the world of technology, and develop critical thinking, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills. Students will be introduced to the concepts of coding like conditions, loops, functions, and more, they will learn to apply the same to develop games, apps, and AI models to teach machines. This program is ideal for students who wish to step into the field of coding and explore its benefits in real-world applications.
24 - 96 Classes
Why Brainy n Bright’s Young Coder Program:
Instructor-led training
4 Capstone projects
KHDA Attested certificate
96 hours of learning
4 Mini projects
4 Assessment milestones
Age Group: 5 years and above
Equipment: Tablet / Laptop Required
Training Options:
1. Virtual Instructor-led
2. Onsite
Classroom Options:
Collaborative Learning - Group of 2 to 5 (Max) students

Our Student Project

Take a look at various projects created by Young Minds on more than 150+ technologies.

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We offer the following modes of training:

i) Online (1:1) - It will be a one on one training with our Instructor for our program offerings.

ii) Online (1:5) - This is our batch offering. For every 5 participants, there will be 1 Instructor.

iii) Physical Classroom Training - The students can opt to visit our Center of Science & Technology and choose to learn and research under our mentors.

Once youve inquired, our Program manager will reach out to you via call/email/face to face discussion. After analyzing your needs and profile, they will guide you accordingly.

We select our trainers after a thorough inspection, interview and proper analysis of their candidature. They hold a minimum of Bachelors in Technology in their respective fields. All our trainers also have the following certifications: 1. Child Safeguarding Policy Certificate from Highfield, UK 2. FIRST Aid Certificate from Highfield, UK 3. Police Clearance Certificate from the Government of Dubai

We're glad to inform you that we've a designated Health & Safety Officer certified from Highfield, UK.

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