Looking For A Training Partner For Your Child? Make an Informed Choice to Avoid Falling into Wrong Hands!

The dawn of the 21st century has brought a plethora of opportunities in Science & Technology! Innovation, Ideation, Creation have been moving at an astronomical pace. What seemed to be a distant future turns out to be events of today. Technological disruptions have seeped into our society deeply and imagining life without it is nearly impossible. Now the question always arises, “Are we prepared for the challenges of the 21st century?” or “Are we training our upcoming generation the right way to prepare them for the upcoming challenges or opportunities (as we call it)?”

Now, we’ve all seen that our education system is not very adept to train our kids for the current world of AI and breakthrough technologies. 

Yes, a lot of things are changing and our current education system is clearly advancing, however, not at the pace it should actually move. Notwithstanding the limitations, many institutions across the globe have come up offering various programs to upskill the child. And with the e-learning revolution, there are endless learning opportunities. 

We have Massive Open Online Courses offered in usually two formats - Online Self-paced & Online Instructor led.

But now comes the real challenge: How to Choose the Right Training Partner for my Child?

Especially during this pandemic period, unfortunately, many institutions have come up with push-through-throat education programs on Science & Technology - unchecked quality of content and trainers - something that the parents are not seriously considering. Everybody is claiming to turn the child into the next Einstein, or next Satya Nadella or next Sundar Pichai. 

As the apparent fear is everywhere, parents especially the unaware ones risk it all to put their children into such institutions (online or classroom) with the only intention of seeing them shine. But truth be told, this doesn’t usually happen every time and people fall prey to marketing gimmicks.

Of late, especially during the pandemic period, advertisements of institutions that show investors are fighting each other out to sponsor/invest into an amazing app a 9 year old has come up with are doing the rounds. And this is all due to the training imparted by that institution. 

In this day and age of PR campaigns and high profile advertisements, key influencers like recognized sportsmen and actors are roped in to influence the common masses. Ignorant of real time value offering, we tend to buy into the marketing gimmick only to realize later the mistake we’ve committed. However, in this hunky-dory e-learning world, when there is no standard test and check for online trainers, our institution stands out as we really tried nipping the problem in its bud. 

Now what does Brainy n Bright do which makes it different from the other institutions?

With our stringent selection criteria, we focus on two utmost important parameters: 

i) Does the trainer have the right qualification and experience to train the children?
ii) Is the candidate really cut out for a trainer’s job? This is the most important factor and we truly feel that not everyone is interested in being a trainer. Most opt for this because they want some source of income. But we are very clear in figuring out the right candidates meant for the trainer’s job. This alone is a very important criteria.

All our trainers have gone through a rigorous training on ‘Child Safeguarding Policy’. They are duly certified from the UK. This is really important for online training programs to ensure we have the right trainer for our children.

Since we also conduct onsite training, all our trainers have gone through ‘FIRST AID’ Training and are certified from the UK. In case of emergencies, we have FIRST AID Boxes and AED  available at our center.

We have a designated ‘Health and Safety’ officer for our onsite programs.

Every trainer has to submit a ‘Good Conduct Certificate’ from relevant Government authorities before they are hired. This holds true for both the kinds of trainers - Online and Classroom.

All our online trainers are first required to be our classroom trainers over a period of time before we hand them the Online Training responsibilities. This is to ensure that parents get a time-tested and verified online trainer.

Our priority is always to safeguard the best interests of our students and their safety.

Parents need to seriously consider having sufficient understanding of the trainer who will be guiding the child. God forbid, if they fall into the wrong hands, one who is unable to handle the students, can severely hamper the confidence of the child and it will be very difficult or almost impossible to  bring that again.

Yes, it is important to upskill the child early on for his/her better tomorrow, however, we need to be extremely cautious before we enroll them into any online/onsite Enrichment programs.

We have highly qualified Educational Counsellors who are ready to help you make a right choice of training and the TRAINERS for your child.

Email us at contact@brainynbright.com or call +971 4 340 1055 for more help!

About Brainy N Bright:  We are a Center of Science & Technology that has managed to create a space in the Education Sector in a very short span of time. We’re proud to train students from diverse backgrounds helping them achieve their highest goals in innovation and creativity. 

We bring the best combination of programs on Science & Technology for students with well-crafted learning path
We hire young and talented Engineers purely chosen on merit and their expertise.
Our trainers work closely with students to impart the innovation-oriented learning framework of ‘IDEATE. INNOVATE. CREATE’.
We provide regular feedback to parents on student learning progress and their learning path.
We develop entrepreneurial skills in students and provide Internship opportunities to gain near industry experience.
We prepare students for national and international competitions like First Lego League, First Tech Challenge, World Robot Olympiad, MakeX, etc.