Why Technology?

In the current era, technology has become a vital part of our lives. It has become like our daily dose of bread and butter without which we can’t live.

During the tough period of COVID-19, schools and companies are operating through technology, thus it’s importance can’t be underestimated. Technology has made our lives easier by saving traveling time to different locations, develops human skills, and makes a person more effective and efficient for the future.

Technology is spreading towards almost all business sectors, thus it helps in generating employment opportunities. Operating without a technological device is impossible for a company to run.

Evidences say that technology can save human lives. Medical treatment and scans are done through technological development. Few examples of technological advancements introduced in the medical sector are:

  1. Telehealth: Its a digitally service where a patient can communicate with the doctor via communication apps. The major benefit of the introduction of tele-health is that the patients do not need to wait for a queue at the clinic/hospital.
  2. Wireless brain sensors: Introduction of this has eased the treatment process as the number of surgeries for the patient can be reduced.

Before the introduction of advanced technology in the banking sector, there were a lot of complications in banking finances. After the introduction of advanced technology, banking matters could be solved easily and finances can be easily evaluated using computer programs. Few examples of advancements made in the banking sector are as follows:

  1. Online Payments: Under this mode a person can send money through his mobile or any other device rather than visiting the bank.
  2. Digital account openings: It is the most popular technological advancement in the banking sector where a customer can open a bank account within a few minutes without any complications.

Have you ever heard about Tesla?

This vehicle is one of the biggest technological development in the automobile industry. First of all it is an electric car which reduces the maintenance and fuel costs to the maximum extent and it’s a complete user friendly car ie, handling this car is not difficult at all. This car has the largest dashboard screen while no other car in the automobile industry has. The dashboard is one of the most effective device where the driver can operate the car without holding the steering wheel. It’s also includes social media and entertainment apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Facebook to make the drive comfortable. Tesla has got a 5 star safety record making it one of the safest car to drive.

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