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An Instructor-Led Live online training program to equip you with the latest skills in AI

At Brainy n Bright, the Artificial Intelligence online training program is designed to introduce you with the principles and practices around artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. You will learn AI through hands-on Capstone projects. You will get to learn how this technology can be applied by anyone regardless of their prior technical expertise to solving real-world problems.

Register with us to explore the fascinating and fast-moving field of AI with our best online courses for AI and Machine Learning.

What You Will Learn

  • Fundamentals of AI and Machine Learning

  • Types of Machine Learning

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Deep Learning

  • Computer vision

  • 20+ Hands on Projects

  • 4 Capstone Projects

  • Regular assessments and feedback sessions

Skills You Will Achieve

  • First-level AI skills

  • Strong foundation in AI, from concepts to progress into technology

  • Learn to build an AI

  • Variational AutoEncoders

  • Genetic Algorithms

  • Meta Learning

  • Mixture Density Network

  • Policy Gradient

  • Controllers

  • Deep NeuroEvolution

As beginners, our students will get a holistic learning aligned to the global curriculum standards in Artificial Intelligence

Who is this AI & ML Course for?

  • Anyone above 10 years 

  • High school students looking for an interactive course which will help them get started in AI and ML

  • Anyone who are concerned about themselves learning outdated skills and are not sure how to select the right AI course

  • Any students looking to quickly update their AI knowledge without too much hassle

  • Any students looking for the best AI course online that they can join without zero interruption in their regular academic schedules

Course Description:

Learn what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is by understanding its applications and key concepts including machine learning, deep learning and neural networks. Our AI online training program for kids is designed to provide them rich hands-on training on AI and Machine Learning. You will be able to showcase your knowledge and skills while applying for your higher studies and to win global competitions.

We will also help you plan your future. Our experts will provide on-demand free consultation regarding what to study next and what AI skills to acquire.

Age Group: 10 and above

Total duration: 3 modules of 20 hours each

Brainy n Bright provides comprehensive AI & ML Training for Professionals. See program details here.
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