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Empower Your Kids to Create Their Own Codes

Brainy n Bright is a global coding academy for kids and the #1 choice to learn computer programming online and in-classes. Our Capstone projects and research-based learning prepare our students as industry-ready for Coding and Programming challenges.

You know that children are coded to learn what you teach them. We nurture your kids to develop problem solving and computational thinking skills in them. With us, your kids will learn coding through play. Age group 5 and above

What Your Child Will Learn

  • Build Fun Games & Animations (using basic coding languages like Scratch Jr.)

  • Creative Programs 

  • Advanced languages and concepts (Mod Minecraft, Python Programming)

  • Advanced graders to learn web development and app development 

Skills Our Students Will Achieve

  • Grow creative mindset

  • Develop research and experimentation skills

  • Encouraged teamwork and application skills

  • Increased level of interest in Science and Technology

  • Grow algorithmic thinking 

  • Develop tech skills

  • Improved usage of the left brain and right brain 

Brainy n Bright provides everything required to learn coding in a fun way. We promote computational thinking in kids, so they can continue to advance their interest in their future career with confidence.

Who is this Computer Programming and Coding Course for?

Age Group 5-9

Video Instructions

  • Getting started with code

  • Promoting logical thinking

  • Mastering coding basics

Age Group 10-13

Drag-and-Drop Coding

  • Build Fun Games

  • Explore STEM subjects

  • Robotics

  • Design Mod Minecraft

Age Group 14+

Real-World Coding

  • Learn Advanced Python

  • AI & ML

  • Learn advanced Python

  • Web Development

Course Description:

At Brainy n Bright, we recognize each child learns differently. Our computer programming courses in Dubai are carefully designed to allow for individual advancement and growth. We have both live online class and in-class options. In our live online instructor-led computer coding classes for kids, we conduct video conferencing and screen sharing-enabled tuitions to work with students and see what they see and edit the same code.

Small Class Size

Individualized Approach

Flexible Class Timing

Eligibility: Age 5 and above

Total duration: 2 modules of 20 hours each

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