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Drone Technology

Get started with the basics of drone technology and unmanned aerial vehicles, this course is designed for beginners who are passionate about drones. You will learn about design and working of drones.

Age : 5 and above

Course Benefits :

Drones can be used for solving problems in multiple fields like agriculture, movies, security and more.

Showcase your drone pilot skills.

Improve cognitive reasoning skills

Develop strategic planning skills

What do We Usually Cover?

Brainy n Bright’s drone technology module I covers the fundamentals of drone technology, you will be learning about different components and its applications. At the end of this course you will be able to assemble your own drone.


Capstone project

20 Hrs Instructor led

Regular assignments

Collaborate with peers in virtual classroom

Personalised student support

Build online portfolio

What You’ll Learn:

Drone assembly


Brushless DC motor

Roll, pitch, yaw, throttle

Drone Controls


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