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Advanced IoT Training 

Internet of Things revolutionizes the technology industry

IoT is a system of interrelated computing devices around the world that are connected to the Internet, all connecting and sharing data through super-cheap computer chips and wireless networks, without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Simply put, IoT refers to software and sensors, collecting and sharing data through the Internet to control connected devices, such as smart watches, cars, and various other smart devices. 

As IoT and computer-driven technologies are raising the level of sophistication and connectivity in products, the demand for specialized IoT skills is growing. The future market is predicted to boom even more! 

Brainy n Bright is offering an IoT training program to equip today‚Äôs students to fit for the future market. 

Program Details:

We provide both online and classroom the Internet of Things Courses in Dubai. Our students will be taught how to develop applications that run on microcontroller development boards, design and simulate the function of devices and build physical prototypes. They will acquire programming skills required for IoT. 

Course Modules:

  • Embedded Devices

  • Development Boards

  • Programming in languages such as Python, C++, C and C#

  • Integration Development Environment

  • Design Thinking

  • IoT Applications

IoT Course Eligibility:

10-years and above  

Benefits of Our IoT Courses:

  • Instructor-led interactive online and classroom training

  • Personalized course materials and one-on-one attention

  • All our instructors also teach at different technology institutions

  • Our students will develop strong understanding of IoT

  • They will gain knowledge how to design and deploy several IoT systems on their own

  • Prepared for the future and gets increased skill set for better jobs

At Brainy n Bright, IoT courses in Dubai will help your kids AND students feel confident and capable of solving everyday challenges through technology. 

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