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Space STEM

Explore and discover Space STEM with different hands on activities, learn and understand the solar system, phases of moon, gravitational forces and concepts of space mathematics.

Age : 5 and above

Course Benefits :

  • Space STEM allows you to explore careers in aerospace engineering, astronomy.

  • Build an online portfolio to showcase your skills.

  • Develop strong science and engineering skills.

  • Develop problem solving and analytics skills

What do We Cover?

Brainy n Bright’s space STEM module I covers the fundamental concepts of science and mathematics required for space engineering, this course involves hands on activities to understand the concepts better.


  • Capstone project

  • 20 Hrs of hands on practice

  • Instructor led

  • Regular assignments

  • Collaborate with peers in virtual classroom

  • Personalised student support

  • Build online portfolio

What You’ll Learn:

  • Solar system

  • Phases of moon

  • Gravitational forces

  • Supermoon

  • Solar energy

  • Lunar mathematics

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