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Brainet Innovation Abacus aims to make your child an expert in the calculations using the amalgamation of Abacus, Vedic Maths, Trachtenberg Maths, etc. We use the latest child friendly technology to impart this training. This training is particularly important for the brain development of the students, makes them more confident with Maths and creates a great level of enthusiasm towards the numbers.
Since this kind of training makes the students use both the left brain and the right brain, it makes the brain smarter and sharper.

Why Brainet Innovation Abacus:

1. We use student friend technology.
2. We follow a tested learning path to ensure all the students learn eventually and benefit from the program.
3. We create an ecosystem of competition which motivates the students to learn faster and quicker.
4. We support the students and prepare them for any competitions nationally and internationally.
5. Though we are batch system classroom orineted, we ensure every student's issues are addressed.
6. We believe in creating the love for numbers hence, we use a mix of Abacus, Vedic Maths, Trachtenberg, and other options.
7. Parents know the learning improvement at every instance of the learning ladder of their child.
8. We create a fun filled environment making it easier for the students to learn.