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Get started with the Internet of Things in a simplified manner, start building IoT applications using a variety of sensors and microcontrollers modules. The Internet of Things has a wide range of applications such as smart city, wearables, smart grid, healthcare, smart farming and many more. Internet of Things is the future and Brainy n Bright’s 3 module IoT course focuses on making individuals future ready. 

Age : 13+

Course Duration : 20 Sessions per module

Per Session Time: One Hour

Course Benefits : 

  • Build an online portfolio to showcase your capstones projects in IoT.

  • Technological advancements have created more job opportunities in the field of IoT

  • Develop problem solving and analytics skills along with strong fundamentals in electronics. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • Arduino

  • Node MCU

  • Sending & retrieving data from cloud 

  • Sensors

  • MQTT

  • LORA

  • GPS tracking

  • Raspberry PI

  • Face detection