Brainy n Bright Announces Virtual Summer Camp Program Starting July 5, 2020

Brainy n Bright’s Summer Camp 2020 is an Instructor Led Live Online Sessions using the Google Classroom Methodology. Each class will continue for one-and-half hour with different timings of a day from 10am through 5pm. It’s a highly interactive, fun filled hands on activity led training. Students will have an opportunity to work on research based Capstone projects. 

One of a few science and technology training centres licenced to train on Artificial Intelligence in Dubai, Brainy n Bright is proud to have their global coverage to provide training for STEM, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, and many more, with seamless alignment with various curricula across the USA, the UK, the UAE, Ghana, India, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, among various other counties, through their highly-qualified faculties who comprise a mix of nationalities to facilitate clear understanding of the subjects for their students.  

“We want our students to engage and get inspired now because we want them to see as the workforce of the future. We need their diversity of thought when it comes to addressing robotics or AI-related opportunities,” Ms Esrat (CEO of Brainy n Bright) said. 

Enrolment in the Summer Camp Program 2020 at Brainy n Bright starts from USD 50 per week to USD 200 per month, depending on student age and selection of course. 85% of the seats are already booked! "What are you waiting for? Book a Seat for Your Child Now to not Miss the Boat to Success!" Mr Kumar (Program Head) said. He further added, “Our Team of Experts in the USA have worked for more than 2 years to develop this amazing program.”

Brainy n Bright:

Brainy n Bright based out of Dubai, UAE and the USA, is a center of Science & Technology. It is a one stop platform for Artificial Intelligence, Programming and Coding, App Development and Design, Robotics, and other STEM related programs. The motto is to promote ideation, innovation, creation and entrepreneurship among the students across all the age groups!

Trainers’ Profile:

Mr Shamshad (Faculty, Artificial Intelligence): Shamshad (Sam) Ansari is the Founder and CEO of Accure. He has technical expertise in the area of AI, big data, cognitive science, and machine learning. He has also authored books on Computer Vision and has more than 10 plus patents to his credit.

Ms Shireen (Innovation Coach, STEM Learning):  Ms Shireen, alumnus of Manipal University - Dubai holds a degree in Electronics Engineering. She has worked as Innovation Coach with one of the largest STEM initiatives called Atal Tinkering Lab launched by the Government of India. Currently, she is also heading the Brainy n Bright Robotics Team at American International School, Abu Dhabi. She holds a great degree of experience in Artificial Intelligence, Programming, 3D Designing and Printing! 

Ms Manisha (Innovation Coach, STEM Learning):  Ms Manisha, alumnus of Calicut University - India holds a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. An avid programmer, she has a great deal of experience as a STEM Trainer across premium institutes in India and Dubai, UAE. She holds a great degree of experience in Robotics Engineering and Programming.