Drone Technology Training: A Playful Learning Method for Your Kids

Drone can be an ultimate gift for your kid, be it on your kid’s birthday or just for fun. Controlling a drone and making it take off and perform stunts is absolutely exciting. If you are a parent or a guardian and looking for something telling about drone technology, it’s easy to assume that your kid is even more fascinated with drones and wants one for him/her to fly. 

With drone technology training at Brainy N Bright, your kids can blend this fun with learning about drone technology programming. It allows them to do much more advanced things with coding and in the process, to learn the basics of computer applications. As the students can get to know the basics of programming and drone technology, they are not just reading instructions from a manual, they are reinventing their own play and learning valuable computing skills in the process of drone technology training. 

Key Benefits of Drone Technology Training:

  • Drones can be used for solving problems in multiple fields like agriculture, movies, security and more.

  • Showcase your drone pilot skills.

  • Improve cognitive reasoning skills

  • Develop strategic planning skills

Drones are children’s favorite to play, explore, experiment and learn, and also to get inspired to learn the fundamentals of code, because they allow them to visualize their code and use programming to solve real-world challenges. 

At Brainy N Bright, kids can start off with the fundamentals of drone technology, including creating a program that makes the drone take off, fly forward, and then land. They will be learning about different components and its applications. At the end of this course you will be able to assemble your own drone.

Quickview of Training Features:

  • Capstone project

  • 20 Hrs Instructor led

  • Regular assignments

  • Collaborate with peers in virtual classroom

  • Personalised student support

  • Build online portfolio

Do More with Brainy N Bright Drone Technology Training Program:

If you kid is interested in drones, it’s good. In today’s world, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is becoming more and more important for kids. Brainy N Bright finds the best way to teach kids STEM concepts is by making them do something practically. Teaching kids through STEM-based toys will help them enhance their interest in learning. 

Kids find drones (one of such toys) as exciting and it’s the best way to teach real-world examples of coding in action. It too helps kids to learn aerodynamics concepts more easily. 

Additionally, the drone market is predicted to create a wide range of job opportunities, in both drone manufacturing and flight operations. It shows that learning drone technology will actually help kids to build a better career in the drone sector. 

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