Make Your Kids Future Ready with AI & ML

Teach your kids Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and make them future-ready. AI and ML are being considered the biggest new step in computer science after the invention of the Internet.

Current Scenario:

Today’s environment in which our children are growing up includes instances of AI-driven devices and services. As we collectively experience the increasing influences of AI and ML that drive so many services and functions around us, it is evident that a new workforce of specialized programmers and computer scientists are behind them. It means there is a pragmatic reason to teach your kids about AI and ML considering their future success, both in academic and career fronts. 


The development of technology in our world is reaching new heights with numerous innovative breakthroughs. As a result, education too is breaking out from the traditional curricula of the past. It is being forecasted that jobs will revolve around AI, robotics and automation by 2030. Which is why, now is the high time for introducing kids to these intriguing subjects. They will begin to learn and understand these technology facets and be equipped for better future prospects.

Introduce Your Kids to the AI World


Keeping that in mind, Brainy n Bright is offering a unique AI online training program for kids that will take them deeper into the world of AI. In this course, they will get to learn AI through hands-on 4 capstone projects and 20 research based projects.

Take a Quick Look into the Syllabus:

  • Fundamentals of AI and Machine Learning

  • Types of Machine Learning

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Deep Learning

  • Computer vision

  • 20+ Hands on Projects

  • 4 Capstone Projects

  • Regular assessments and feedback sessions

We understand that no quick-fix method will work in teaching your kids this completely new but globally prevalent area of education. It will require a step-by-step module-based learning program that will eventually grow in them an interest in the subject, without having them to compromise with their board examinations and college or university education.

Benefits of Joining our AI Online Training Program:

  • Builds creativity

  • Encourages research and experimentation

  • Encourages teamwork and application skills

  • Increases the interest levels in Science and Technology

  • Encourages tech skills

  • Improves the usage of the left brain and right brain 

  • Promotes design thinking and presentation skills 

At Brainy n Bright, we are offering an AI online training program for kids of a total 60-hour duration to be conducted through Sunday to Thursday in July & August. 

To learn additional details and fees, speak to us: