Summer Camp 2021 by Brainy n Bright

Why Should Kids attend our Summer Camp? 

Did you know that engineering and technology are the fastest growing fields in the job market?


Studies show that computer science graduates typically land a lucrative full-time job early on. Many of their peers from other disciplines may not have the same luck.

The long-term financial and career success for STEM graduates is impressive, right? The best way for kids to get involved with STEM is to have them start young and to make it fun! 

There are numerous benefits to learning how to code and deal with technology. The simplest and most important one is that we live in a digital world. Knowing how to navigate and control the parameters of this new reality is a huge plus. Who wouldn’t want that for their kids?

Here are a few more reasons why kids should take part in summer camp and enhance your engineering skills: 

  • Kids learn best when they’re having fun 

  • It’s easier to learn a new skill if you see someone else doing it

  • Learning how to work within a team can only be achieved in a group

  • There’s a variety of courses to pick and choose from 

  • Kids get to explore several coding languages and applications

  • The direct interaction with an instructor guarantees constant feedback and guidance

  • The skills kids acquire from coding reflect positively on the other academic subjects

  • Summer camps can build a child’s self-esteem and social skills 

  • Children who are comfortable with STEM subjects could grow into tech success stories


What Do They Learn? 

Coding & Programming

The three basic programming languages are Javascript, Python, and Scratch/Scratch Jr. Grown-ups might feel that learning how to code using these commands is like learning a foreign language. Kids, however, deal with it the way they learn how to play a game. 

Kids as young as 5 or 6 years old can start a fun-filled coding journey. They can actually create simple games and animations after a few days at camp!

Game design

Development software, like Game Maker Studio, facilitate game design. Using this type of software, a child can invent a fully operational computer game.

Mobile app design

This is a fun category too. Most kids own smartphones, and it’s so cool to be able to create their own mobile apps. 


Writing code to control a car or a drone remotely sounds pretty impressive. That’s why it’s such a cool project for kids to work on!

Online Summer camps:

At brainynbrihght, your child grows and learns with the best of the faculty, interacting with other fellow students from multiple countries also helps in the child's confidence building.. Let’s look at the benefits of Online Summer Camps so you can choose it with peace of mind: 

Online Summer Camps definitely have some impressive benefits. There is no commute or time restraints for parents. Kids get to learn in their own home, and parents don’t need to worry about scheduling pick up or drop off. There is also less risk of disease transmission if kids are staying in their own home. Another bonus to online summer coding camps is that there are no geographic restrictions. If you move, or if there aren’t many options in the area you live, online summer coding camps are a perfect option!

However, the interactive and collaborative nature of our classes remains a notable plus. Having an instructor there with you to encourage and challenge students is important. The social benefits of a diverse class are important, too. 

The perks of our summer camp and the importance of coding seems like a win-win activity for both parents and kids!

The following programs shall be offered as part of our upcoming summer camp:

  1. Artificial intelligence

  2. Coding & Programming

  3. 3D Designing & Modelling

  4. Game Development & Design

  5. Graphic Designing & Animation

  6. STEM Junior

  7. Tech Innovator (AI, 3D, Coding, Virtual Robotics)

  8. Public Speaking

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Looking forward to a great summer with you!