What Should IIT JEE Aspirants Expect from an Ideal Online Training Program?

Becoming an engineer is easier said than done. Every year, thousands of students sit for the IIT-JEE exam with an aspiration to get into the IIT. But, competition for IIT JEE is getting tougher every year. Currently, students have to clear JEE Main first, also known as qualifying exam for JEE Advanced. On the basis of JEE Advanced result and cut-off marks, the students are eligible for admission into IITs. 

Their journey should begin with an effectively strategic preparation for this highly competitive engineering entrance exam. To prepare for this exam, aspirants need regular guidance and quality study materials, not to mention a sheer dedication and hard work.

If you are serious about getting into one of the prestigious IIT institutes, a mere preparation will unlikely help you. The JEE results of past years show that only well-prepared candidates could crack the exam and you may love it or not, training and guidance at coaching centers have been playing a big role in preparation of the IIT JEE. With the emergence of the convenient online training for JEE, getting prepared for the exam has become much easier.

How Much Effectively Online Classes can Prepare You for IIT JEE?

There are several online training programs available for you, but in this era of cutthroat competition, only a quality teaching led by IITians can sail you through the gruelling tests and take you to the doorstep of success.

Get an understanding of how an ideal IIT JEE online training program mixes various aspects of an effective teaching.

Concept-based Study Materials:

Serious JEE aspirants face many challenges during preparation, from coping with their own studies to matching their preparation with the unpredictable pattern of JEE Exam. In order to enable their students, online programs provide concept-based study materials to the students. Those materials include objective as well as subjective problems of varying degrees of difficulty levels of JEE in order to strengthen their problem-solving skills.

Practical Assessment of All Fundamentals:

Students receive study materials online along with regular online and offline feedback to help them enhance their competitive performance.

Theoretical Parts Covered:

Complete coverage of physics, chemistry and mathematics is instrumental in building a solid foundation. Students join subject-wise classes led by IITian faculties regularly and that helps them prepare for the exam.

Regular Conceptual Doubt Clearing Sessions:

Studying at home sometimes is not sufficient for students. They might have certain doubts and difficulties which can only be clarified in the physical presence and interaction with the faculty. We believe it is important to fill in the gaps in a student’s JEE preparation. That is why time-to-time doubt-clearing sessions are separately scheduled for the students, which is a benefit that clearly sets online training programs for IIT apart from traditional classes.

Mock Tests in Simulated JEE Environment:

In order to enable students to develop their skills for better time management and help them identify their weak and strong points, online trainers conduct regular mock tests online in a simulated JEE environment. 

Our all IITian faculties for JEE entrance exam training put across tricky questions to the students and measure their preparation and how quickly the students are responding to those questions. Based on the outcomes, we keep helping our students prepare for the next tests.

What is the Process of Online Training Program?

The process is very simple. Just having a computer or a laptop and an internet connection, students can easily take the classes from home or anywhere. They are provided a link or login credentials to enter into the online classroom and then it is almost similar to a normal classroom. There will be a whiteboard, a teacher, and you can hear the voice, ask questions, clear doubts and everything that you do in a normal class.

Are Just Online Video Lectures Good for IIT JEE Preparation?  

We’d suggest avoiding the video-based-lecture-only classes for IIT JEE preparation. It is a kind of a class where you will get a one-way lecture that you need to hear and understand everything from. But, a well-prepared and short video on specific topics are good to go for students as they can learn the topic there promptly.


In a traditional training class, there could be over 100 students in a batch (sometimes even more). It’s practically impossible for teachers to focus on individual students, which is very important to track progress of a student. In an online training program for  IIT JEE entrance exam, the number of students are divided into small batches. It allows teachers to focus on the performance of every student in the class. Short batches, focus on individual students, proper counselling, online practice tests, quality study materials, online assessment and regular monitoring are some of the key advantages of an online training program for IIT JEE entrance exam.

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