Brainy n Bright Launches the Space STEM Program for Aspiring Students, First-of-its-Kind in the Middle East

To indulge in your kids’ passion for space exploration, Brainy n Bright has kicked off a Space STEM Program, announcing a range of fun and practical science, tech, engineering, and math-related activities for kids. Students will get a window of learning to broaden their imagination and get a real-life experience beyond their understanding of Space Science.

At the end of the program at this Space STEM training center in Dubai, the students will leave with a new interest for the STEM subjects and exploring the space. Each session in the curriculum has a formative pattern to enable their students to learn a new thing and apply that in their practical life.

Earth-Moon Model, for example, will help students to identify the moon’s revolution pattern and explain it in their academic career vividly. In Measuring the Supermoon part of the curriculum, their students will get to know how to compare month-to-month analog or digital measurements of the moon and describe it.

Brainy n Bright has designed the Space STEM Program in a way that will familiarize their students with the fascinating activities of the universe, the solar system, phases of the moon, gravitational forces, supermoon, solar energy, and lunar math.

There are so many things like the design and engineering components of the STEM activities that students will most likely enjoy. It will develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills and help them to look for answers regarding why a certain rocket or drone launch failed or succeeded.

The Space STEM courses at Brainy n Bright are learnt to have been designed to provide their students with hands-on projects on solar system modeling where they will learn how to develop a shock-absorbing system for astronauts landing, including Space Maths activities.

Based on the Capstone project model, the Space STEM Program at Brainy n Bright will help students pick a problem statement, identify where and how the concepts learned can be applied to solve it. These will help the students develop their entrepreneurship skills through our three core concepts of learning: Ideation. Innovation.Creation.

Scheduled to run on weekdays and weekends comprising only 5-students in each batch of 20-hours, their Space STEM Courses include 10 practical challenges that are designed to spark their love for space-themed things and give them a walk-through of hands-on activities and experiments to make at home.

“We don’t want your kids to fall behind because they are missing out on field trips to your local science museum, planetarium, and other activities during this pandemic situation, which could have also sparked their love for science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM). Our Space STEM Program will compensate it by developing their passion for space and inspire them to aspire to be an astronaut,” said Mr. Kumar, the VP of Marketing at Brainy n Bright.

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